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Hotel Policies. Reservation Rules

Hotel Policies

Thank you for choosing Millennium Hotel! Dear guests, in order to make your stay in our hotel a pleasant experience, please observe the following rules which apply to hostel rooms as well as guest rooms in other categories

1. Check-out is at 12.00pm.

   Check-in is at 14.00pm.

  An early check-in charge for 12 hours is applied for check-in between 00.00 and 12.00pm at rates specified in the

  price list.

  Late arrivals between 12pm and 12am are subject to the following charges:

  - Guests checking in less than 6 hours after 12pm will be charged an hourly rate

  - Guests checking in 6-12 hours after 12pm will be charged a half-day rate

  - Guests checking in 12-24 hour after 12pm will be charged the full day tare

Occupancy prior to check-in time on the date of the reservation cannot be confirmed unless the hotel has availability.  Early Check-in has to be specified when booking and must be confirmed by the hotel administrator.

Late Check-in. If due to any unexpected reasons, you check in after 12pm, you must notify the hotel administrator. We will hold your room for you 24 hours.

Early Check-out. If you have to check out before 12:00pm due to unexpected circumstances (e.g. illness), guests will be reimbursed the full amount of payment.  If the guest does not have a valid excuse to check out before 12:00pm, only 50% of the room price is fully reimbursed.

Late check-out is based on occupancy and availability at the time of the request. Late check-outs must be approved and arranged with front desk staff.

2. The room is available after payment and upon presenting an ID card or passport. A birth certificate is required for   children under 14.    

3. All rates are quoted in rubles and paid in cash or by credit card.

4.  The hotel is not responsible for any stolen or lost valuables left unattended. For storage of special belongings, special lockers are found in every room. Guests also can leave their valuables in safety deposit boxes at the front desk (additional fee applies).

5.  Guests are kindly reminded to observe the following hotel rules:

-Guests shall comply with all reasonable rules and procedures in effect at the hotel

- Please do not litter

- Please follow fire safety rules

         - On leaving their room, guests should close the windows and turn off taps, TV, and light  

- Any type of loss or damage to items in the room or any public space will result in a charge

         - Guests are expected to pay for additional services provided by the hotel

6.  Guests should take into account the following information:  

-  Millennium Hotels are a non-smoking property and all guest rooms are non-smoking. Violating no-smoking    

   policy will result in a significant fine.  

- Hotel policies do not permit alcohol to be brought on property and into guest rooms.

- Guests are prohibited from giving outsiders their room keys

-  If guests staying at the hotel are absent, outside visitors are not allowed in guests’ rooms

- Guests are not allowed to keep big-size items or flammable, explosive, toxic and narcotic substances in guest rooms

- Guests shall not move or remove furniture and/or bed linen

- Visitors shall not disturb other guests after 11pm local time

7. Hostel administration reserves the right to accommodate other guests of either sex if free beds are available.   

8. When leaving the hotel premises, please leave the keys at the front desk. Lost key will be charged to the account of the guest occupying the room.

9. Guests can use the kitchen, but they are expected to tidy up after themselves and keep the kitchen clean after using dishes, cutlery, and cooking appliances.

10.  Bed linen is provided free of charge. Towels can be requested but are charged separately. Bed linen is changed every five days or upon request for additional fees.   

11. Millennium Hotel (почасовая гостиница) reserves the right to refuse service to guests under the influence of alcohol or violating house rules.  


Reservation Rules

1.  To book a room with Millennium Hotels (почасовая гостиница), you should complete a reservation form on our website, or send your request to our email, or directly call our Reservations Department.  

2.  In your reservation request, you need to provide the following information: last name, first name, number of guests, date, check-in date, check-out date, room type, payment method, contact information (mobile or regular phone number, email).

3. If you do not receive a confirmation of your reservation, our manager will contact you no later than 24 hours after receiving your request.

4. Please note that the Hotel cannot guarantee the availability of the reserved room for late arrivals and will provide accommodation, if available, at current rates.

5. Should a guest arrive 24 hours late, the hotel reserves the right to cancel booking. A new room reservation is subject to availability. 

6. Reservation can be guaranteed by payment in advance in cash or by credit card.    

7. Cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to the check-in time.

8. Cancelation is available only if a guest notifies the hotel in writing and the hotel confirms the cancellation request.   

    Early check-outs are allowed by completing a cancellation form at the front desk. 

    For full refund, cancelation must be made 24 hours prior to the check–in time.

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